Sell or keep 90 Bergkamp?

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What would you say? I have a 100k team around him and Rui Costa Prime.


  • Demon_reborn
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    When deco comes out i would sell, do his sbc and profit the coinage ready to invest in a prime sbc!

    I reckon ea will throw a curve ball and demand a 90+ rated icon for top tier sbcs. 2 icons would cut the circulation of players which they dont want as they want people to use icons.

    Instead it would drive up the price of the rui costa sbc meaning the current circulation of icons wont be affected!

    The rui costa sbc will be like fiscal stimulation for the fut economy. Quantitative easing at its finest! Giving out rui costa is like printing money for them to prop up the fut economy during black friday and cyber monday!
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