Online Squad Battles Idea

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Wondering how this could translate to online gameplay. As I don't like to play offline, but I do like the idea.

What if you would play with a featured squad and your opponent would also play with that exact same team.

All tactics and formation changes are disabled.
So you both would have to play with the tactics who's squad is featured.

This way you can play online with different players.
Facing the exact same squad and tactics makes sure it comes down to how good you are.

Would still keep the updating frequency, 4 a day and one special weekly squad



  • Parth12008
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    No way they would do that! it will let you play with featured squads of other players thus allowing you to have a chance to play with pele, CR7 or messi when you really cannot afford them, they want you to work hard for this or spend coins to play with them (draft).
  • fluffymnuffy
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