Baby Gullitt and Vieira or...

Are baby Gullitt and Vieira worth it or would I get the same production from Vidal and Naingolan?

I either want to sell everything and have baby R9 and CR7 up top or have Gullitt and Viera in midfield with just CR7 up top.


  • SurferDude
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    I have 90 gullit and vierra in one team with pogba but also have Vidal and nain in second team they are better all round imo for the coins but I love using gullit ( he’s not at the lvl of his legend imo though )
  • What formation r u using? Vieira for example is much better at cm than cdm. Baby gullit doesn’t have the juice to perform a whole game with his **** stamina. Nain has a nice dribble but is small. Didn’t like nif Vidal at cdm and use his IF as ccm until I’m buying baby vieira next week when I sell my stuff. Both Vidal and nain have h/h and I already have petit at lcm so prefer m/h or m/m as cm
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