The weekend league needs a change its just not fun anymore

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Goals from kick off
2-0 up and use know they are coming back
Dragging out replays
Pausing from kick off
Not controlling all player letting al do all work
Bashing r1 and l1 passes
And losing to many games where opp parks bus and wins with sole shot
The whole experience now is wankkkkk
And why buy best gk when crap ones save everything
It's like they even they games up.. how many 6-5 6-6 can u take


  • anakintommy
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    Spot on
  • S4vy
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    Lol. Ngl, i felt the same way about WL but then I realised for BS to stop/reduce, I needed to develop my game and try different play styles. Weekend league is kinda fun now as i reel im getting better and I stopped playing Squad Battles and focused solely on Divisions which allowed me to get from Division 3 to Division 1. In order to fully boss WL and get used to ur team and perfect ur style, u need to play Divisions (top 3 Divisions) more than Squad Battles as gameplay is different and players play differently meaning ur gonna go into the WL tryna beat the AI instead of player.
  • Alex_cr
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    This is not a boast because basically I'm pretty average but my one achievement is that I basically don't concede from kick off anymore
  • ozcs_69
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    WL and it's sht infrastructure needs changing #fixfifa
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