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Rant about this game

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So the game has been out for several weeks and so far, my experience of the game has been extremely negative and I just wanted to point some of the many issues with this game. No one will probably read this but I need to rant...

1. No sets - The fact that the only way to get players not in the market is from the limited number of events is a major disappointment.

2. Limited number of events - Daily Warmup and a Scouting event every 4 hours plus 1 or 2 other events that goes live each day is depressing. In Madden Mobile there can be up to 10 live events plus special promo events going on at once. Mix it up and add some events. Which leads me to my next point...

3. Getting elites in events - Take Team Heroes for example. A guaranteed Team Hero costs 30,000 FIFA points, which is the equivalent of $250....for an 88. Are you f****** kidding me? And spending the tokens to get a chance of a Team Hero is extremely rare.

4. Weekend Tournaments - If you're World Class in VS Attack, 12 wins gets you only an 80 elite. And if you lose 3 games you have to reset if you want that player and you might not even have enough tickets. Again going to compare to Madden Mobile, where you use tickets and you can play as many games as you want as long as you have enough tickets to get to Tier 5.

5. Training players - The inflation of coins is ridiculous. And having to train an elite up one level for over 50k depending on what level the player is..........With Madden Mobile, training an elite player goes for less than 10k

6. Campaign - Having to play 100+ OVR AI at Chapter 5 just to get an 80 elite. Come on.........

Sorry for the rant but overall, I prefer last season's FIFA Mobile by a mile compared to this season.


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