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Weakfoot preference? - 4231

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I’m plantning to build a 4231 side with Griezmann, Lacazette and Mbappe, using Griezmann and Lacazette wide due to their higher agility. But as both have 3* WF and Griezmann’s strongfoot is on the left and Lacazette on the right, which side would you place them on?

Do you prefer to smash it in diagonally or have the finess option?


  • Disgruntledmole
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    edited November 2017
    Left on left, Right on right imo
  • DaveSaves
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    Left on left, Right on right imo

    I have the opposite for finesse purposes
  • MattDaddy V1
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    Depends on your play style. If you're going to use the wide cams to cut in and shoot then right footer left side and vice versa for the near post drills or back post finesse. If you prefer your wide cams to drift wide for crossing or run straight ahead and shoot then left footer left side and vice versa.
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