Micro Transactions

Shouldn't we all ask for the same?
This would make the game much better and balanced.


  • ucan
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    edited November 2017
    EA will never make a change for Fifa
    Star wars came out yesterday they changed it immediately
    Fifa gamers ask for it since Ultimate came out still nothin has changed
    thats why I always said **** you €A worst most greedy company of the world
  • seabo
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    At the very least they should make FIFA points cheaper by like 50% and increase pack weights/show the odds of getting certain good items. The current system is a massive rip off for the virtual cards you get. Don't think there is another game where you could spend $1000 and still not have a team top players or the equivalent in game.
  • Retro_G
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    The only reason they done something about Star Wars, was because they didn't want Disney removing the licence. The p2w model was also a lot more aggressive in Star Wars, anything negative to do with that name will have the whole world talking.
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