Help 18y old player become 57y old player?????

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Hi all, greetings from Croatia. I got a few bugs for report. I play FIFA 18 on my PS4.

And I like to modified players ratings (I like to edit players), for examble changing boots and simillar stuff) but I see tat if I edited any 17 or 18 year old players he immediately is 56 or 57 year old...why? This morning i edited Bedford from Portsmouth and he is 18y old, but now he is 57 year old...why?...and that goes for any 17 or 18y old player if I decidet to change his position, boots, or anything.

And also when I start new Carrer Mode, I see that many teams start new game with freshly signed free agents, but thay are not usualy in there team sheets in game main menu or in real life. But when I go transfers history there is not any trace that they decided to sign for that club. And when I started a new save on carer mode same players (free agents) are playing for other clubs and there is still not any trace in transfers history that they decided to sign for that club.

I know that my english is so bad, but I hope that you managed to understad me


  • Yeah dude I have noticed this too. I like changing squad numbers to reflect real life and get same problem. If the player is over 20 and has a picture it's no problem. Anyone 16,17,18,19 that you edit will all of a sudden become 57. It ❤️❤️❤️❤️ pisses me off
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