What's up with the market and selling

As the title says i'm a little confused by the market.
I've played until chapter 3 of the Italian campaign and so far i've gotten a lot of silver players I don't need, also have bunch of bronze players as well, at first I didn't bother to check what every single player was out on the market for in terms of price so I just put everyone at 500 starting price and 800 BIN, none of the cards sold.
I tried lowering it but none of the cards sold, after several attempts that failed I got annoyed and put every card out for 100 starting price and 150 BIN, only 1 card was sold.
How cheap is the market gonna be? I've seen players with lower overall than some of my silver players getting sold for 2-3k meanwhile my cards can't get sold for a lousy 150?
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