Battlefront v fifa

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With today’s horrendous PR fiasco for EA, I was wondering if anything has ever happened in the magnitude with fifa?
Fifa is arguably the most pay to win game in existence, has there ever been a push on the fifa community’s end to lower pack prices/improve pack weight etc?
In one day the BF community has absolutely embarrassed EA and forced them to go back on their terms.
Genuine question, has there been anything like this before in the fifa community?


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    Not knowing the figures, I would still bet there are a good number of whales on Fifa who ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all their pocket money/wages on Fifa points, keeping Terence and Phillip in EA HQ well stocked up with champagne and caviar.

    Until these whales stop throwing hundreds/thousands of dollars at their frankly appalling titles, they'll continue to prey on these gullible folk.

    Their approach to Battlefront 2 is beyond the pale. Utter greed and no remorse with it.
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