Mbappe 85 inform or Gareth Bale?

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Hey guys I would really appreciate some help with regards to whether I should get Gareth Bale or Mbappes recent RW inform. Both will play as a striker in my team. However Mbappe has that 4 star weak foot and that is clutch in the weekend league as weakfoots are really apparent this year.
Please if anyone has used either I would like some opinions


  • Cole0907
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    Can anyone recommend mbappe?
  • [Deleted User]
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  • dgskrs
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    I use regular Mbappe ; he is clinical even if he plays 6 chem ( I get him to game after minute one ) but if I afford gareth bale , don't hesitate to sell mbappe . Bale is much better than mbappe's normal card. Gareth bale 's almost every stats better than mbappe's . Also above mentioned Bale is perfect meta.
  • Amanduz
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    IF Mbappe is really nice and plays way better than his normal card.
    The normal card felt bad but the IF Version is different level.
    also more cheap than Bale
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