Poor pack weights and wacky gameplay

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I know nobody cares but surely some of you have to be feeling the same way, I'm fed up with this fifa already and I've never felt this way after only a few months of playing. For a start pack weights absolutely suck this year, it's a lottery yeah but the last few fifas the pack weights were much much better. I've opened every promo pack EA have put up this fifa and done every sbc possible at this point and my best pull has been... NIF auba. I appreciate some of you have probably had even worse luck but I feel that this fifa has taken it to a new low, i think it's a scam how they class a contract as a "rare" card. They are making maximum gains from us. Also is it just me or have pack weights got even worse over the last few days? The promo packs this weekend were pure trash and full of discards for 600 fifa points a pop you can't even make 5k off a pack, what a joke AND they ban you if you start using trading methods to build your coins up, the only way to play is to pay 2 win and they've made it more expensive to "win" this year. They must be rubbing their fat hands together.

Gameplay is also an absolute joke, again it's been mentioned many times but how many patches do we need until the skill gap is back? Why did they put a demo out of a completely different game? I can't even take it back to the shop as it's a digital download, im suprised theres not a regulator for this kind of thing. Weekend league, I'm sick of losing when I've had twice as many shots as my opponent and they are countering me with their 1.5k wingers who are quicker than usain bolt once a chem style is applied. How many times do you have to hit the post in weekend league before youre allowed to win the game? How many times does the ball bounce back to the opponent after making the perfect tackle and then boom, one through ball and they're through on your goal, low drive into the corner... job done. Even though I finish gold each week the rewards are not worth the stress and sweat. All of my chances i take with the low driven shot, it's totally OP and it fully discourages you from attempting other types of shot, its sad how theyve removed "beautiful" or even "original" football styles with this brand of keep it on the floor, and keep passing to your 99 pace players and keep hitting a low drive shot as soon as you enter the box. Skill moves are basically obsolete now days, most of the time they're ineffective bar a few. This fifa i feel EA have really messed up. I'm fed up already with weekend league, 40 games in one weekend isn't healthy or FUN especially when the game plays like trash and it feels some games are predetermined. EA you really really need to reconsider almost everything within this game, for a start there should be one extra day to play the WL games as most of us have work and a social life and don't wanna spend all weekend on their xbox to get weekly or monthly rewards which are usually full of even more tripe. I honestly hope that pro evo one day can come back and make an awesome game again. I feel that the only way EA will sort out this mess of a football sim is if they lose their players to PES.

Rant over.

P.s fair play if you read all of that
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    I feel your stress bro. It's totally P2W, I find it very sad and EA shouldn't matchmake icons Vs non icons or they should remove the chemistry links.

    FUT C absolute ****. The penalty Collision decisions just laughable man.
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