Worth doing the PTG SBC's?

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edited November 2017
Around 10k each, but does anyone know whos got a shot at getting an upgrade?


  • Curious too - from the looks of it, nobody.
  • R77LUK
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    Couldn’t have picked a worse bunch of players! No interest at all!
  • mMounirm
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    the Russian league player one is apparently doing very well in Europa league (something like 4 goals 1 assists in 5 games) and will probably get a totgs card in December.
  • keyroy
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    Iv took a punt on viera as even 1 upgrade would make a very good card
  • Jimmyfifa11
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    I did viera too. May need one of these cards in a future sbc so did it with junk in my club
  • Did Gomez with junk in club as well in readiness for possible sbc, Just bought 1 player.

    Bit nostalgic though as years ago used to love Gomez rising like a salmon to head the crosses in
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