Calcio A 4222 or 4231

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Currently enjoying 4222 but wondering if 4231 is more successful. Has anyone had success with either? 20171109_214435.png


  • Thok121
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    Any feedback for other formations/players is welcome.
  • strings79
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    ciro any good?
  • Thok121
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    He is so good. So much better than IF Icardi or Higgy. Would recommend buying him.
  • FixYourGame
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    Please don't use 4231. Especially with the 3 CAMS. Do the world a favour.
  • Kove
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    Get Perisic up front in the 4222 or centrally in the 4231 (the much better idea imo)
  • sheffutd87
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    I'm using a series a 4231 and it's great.

    Dybala - Rui Costa - mertens
    Naingollan - matuidi
  • Martythedoc
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    What is success to you?

    I run 4222 I get gold 1 every week (bit surprised myself), currently in div 4 (working my way up should get promoted 1st attempt)

    To some that's not great since it's not elite
    If your interested I use
    IF icardi (who is ok but not great) + higuain (Prue class you are crazy)
    Mertans, Gomez
    Scream Khedria, brozovic
    Ghoulam manolas benetia IF Lichsteiner
  • rodrel
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    Hi. I recently moved to Calcio squads since I wanted to use Firminho but not pay for expensive EPL cards.

    I play 4-3-2-1 with


    and I can honestly say that not only is good and fun, is OP too! I now use it as my main squad for online.

    I was playing LaLiga before.
  • Thok121
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    @Kove will look at moving Perisic up top thanks. How is Dybala? Will be looking at getting him in near future? @sheffutd87
  • Thok121
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    @Martythedoc yeah success is trying to hit Elite or divison 1 for me. Nice team btw.
  • Thamightyboro
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    4231 narrow kind of hybrid serie a

    If ghoulam, manolas, musachio, if fabra
    Mario, if perez
    Mertens, scream perisic, gomez
    If icardi

    Yep ghoulams 7 chem untradable and sold florenzi before crash.

    Plan is for prime zanetti to be rb anyway.

    Steamrolling divs since sorted cts inst so really looking forward to see what it does in wl.

    70/30 o
    65/55/45 ff
    80/40/43 c

    Fbs overlap
    Cdms cut passing, stay back
    Ccam stay forward
    Wcams stay forward, free roam
    St pbl, stay central

    The shorter buildup and free roam on the wides along with overlap forces the wcam inside a lot more. Finally plays like it did in 16.

    Heh tried everyone as striker and I always go back to icardi, always in the right place and the rebound king.
  • sheffutd87
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    Thok121 wrote: »
    @Kove will look at moving Perisic up top thanks. How is Dybala? Will be looking at getting him in near future? @sheffutd87

    Dybala is great. I have found him better as a cam than striker though. I've played him in both for probably 100 games each and he just finds more space in a cam position
  • Thok121
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    @Thamightyboro nice CTS. Icardi didnt do it for me personally. If his IF drops lower in price I would try him again. @sheffutd87 I would be playing Dybala CAM also. Will be replacing Gomez with Dybala.
  • HelloDearie
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    i use 4231 with serie a team.

    Nothing special really as Im sitting on coins until i feel prices are better, and its mainly packed players in it, but I did splurge on Scream Perisic and use him at ST.

    He is pure class, and as mentioned above, you should seriously consider moving him up to ST if you stick with 4222.
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