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Baby Henry - Worth the pricetag? Is he any good?

390 posts Sunday League Hero
I'm thinking of buying him for my team

LW - Van Basten 89 - Bale
Vidal - Rui Costa - Casemiro
Alaba - Boateng - Varane - Nelson Semedo

4-3-3 (4)



  • Buy him asap then, prices bound to go up. You can get him for less than 900k right now.
  • nope123
    1369 posts Professional
    Very few of baby icons are worth the price. You can find players with similar stats for way less
  • case1r0
    390 posts Sunday League Hero
    But the thing is Chemistry...And Henry seems to be a very good player...

    Anyone has reviews?
  • Tubpac
    1766 posts Play-Off Hero
    He is electricfying... I've bought him for 969k last week and will never sell. Will only do his prime ST card.

    Man is amazing
  • HypnoTD
    17 posts Ball Boy
    He's my childhood hero, I wanted to love him but I couldn't. Really really frustrating to use, felt clunky and extremely weak.

    Dennis Bergkamp however, man is a fifa God.
  • aditya_beckham23
    912 posts Semi-Pro
    edited November 2017
    if you want to buy wait at least a week..he will drop atleast 50-75 k by next week..
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