Squad Battles so unfair

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i understand things need to be hard on the highest level.
but i always get elite 2 i want to be elite 1 or higher but its just stupid

players with 50 pace can rust faster then sane and the stamina i am sorry but its a joke.
i have henderson with 91 stamina and on the end of the match he almost dead and the others from my team to
and the cp still have more then 50% stamina.

everytime i try it on the highest level i lose why must i play squid battles to get elite 2 if i never can get higher because on the highest level its only insane strong players for me it take the fun out squid battles because this way i never can get higher


  • phoenix87
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    its weird, because im finding that I am easily beating the higher rated teams on pro (sorry i am not a fifa elitist like a lot of you) but then when I play the lower teams it is more difficult also on pro, and they seem so OP. squad battles is broken for sure
  • joeinformed
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    They HATE giving out free stuff. Greed is the problem with this game.
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