Really not enjoying fifa 18.

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Yearly rant but this year it really is not good.

1. Can't win. Simple as that. No matter what I try tactics wise. Formation wise of player wise it's a no win from me. Every side I cone up against is simply able to pass the ball around for fun whilst my side is at perhaps 80% of the crispness of my oponent.

2. Matchmaking. I am winning around 25% of matches so why am I being matched up against players who are so obviously superior? Has elo been abandoned?

3. Gameplay mechanics. I feel the evolution of online gaming has led us to the point where it's no longer in the case if fifa to play football but to look for the easy way to score or play possession. Youtubers are perhaps to some extent to blame for this.

4. Fouls. Why is it a foul in the middle third if a player get a in front of the oponent to disposes them. However when a forward is clean through it's not a foul when this is done by the defender or has his shirt pulled. Should be a foul and a yellow card minimum.

5. Pace pace pace. The game is all about those fast forwards.

6. Surely if someone is using 3 / 5 forwards running around like blue arsed flies for all the game they should have periods where they are basically knackered. This is where counter tactics should work. Soak up the pressure and be able to exploit. It doesn't because the pace is there the whole game.

7. Tactics. The game is now too narrow in that only certain tactics work and that's pace.

8. Ratings. Few people use the top cards because the pace is where it's at. If they aren't 90+ pace then people only buy them and use them because they have the coins. There's little other reason to build a side around some of the 85+ players.

9. Current gen. Is this where it's all gone wrong as u don't think I have enjoyed an edition of fifa since going there.

10. Lag and disconnects. It's awful nearly every game is a largest. 10-20% of my games I lose connection to ea servers when my internet does not drop. Strangely always when winning. Never do I disconnect whilst losing.

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