Mattia Perin

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tempted to use him after this review ... this YT just have luck with ❤️❤️❤️❤️ or he get good 'version' of him? any opinion? got now DDG but .... he is not worth 200k for me ...


  • SergiuLive
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    I used him at the beginning of FIFA and was great back then. And I guess it still is great, but seemed to be weak at long shots - he's not that tall compared with other goalkeepers (that is an advantage for low drivens though since tall goalkeepers are bad at low drivens) and also lacks long throw.

    Anyway at that price you don't need more reviews, you can always buy him and test him and let us know if he's good for you too.
  • iSoar7
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    He is okay. Rated Handanovic way higher personally though.
  • DaveSaves
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    You can make absolutely any keeper looking amazing/terrible with YT clips.
  • futureyears
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    I wonder how many the reviewer bought before uploading the video?!
  • Ghoti
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    edited November 2017
    if you are thinking that someone invest in 130perin that normal price is 1k to get 200 coins profit you have to be really dumb :D
  • SergiuLive
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    83 rated italian under 1k. Seems like a good investment either way. Will surely bump to at least 1.5k once an SBC requiring 83 rating team, but hardly will people buy him for how good he is.
  • Danic123
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    On this edition better rated Keepers make a difference. The higher rated your keeper is, the better he will be. Simple as that really.
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    I got a special perin already. Never conceded a goal. You can buy for 10k if you like?
  • yerwaltz
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    Recall a game from the other day where he played great against me. Him and leno are really good this year,

  • SergiuLive
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    I just played a guy with Perin and as I remembered finesse from out of the box is his main weakness and is a big one. Couldn't break him for 60 minutes, then tried 3 finesses from outside the box all goals.
    Then looked again in the review and he doesn't save any long shot finesse.
  • JBC03FC
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    I prefer Reina for cal a, but I dont play with cal a.
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