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Help me fit bale into my team

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Hey guys

I've played my first ever 2 weekends of fut champs finishing gold2 (21) and now gold1 (25).
I'm looking for the elite 3 next weekend but would like to improve my team and hope you can help me.

I play 4-3-2-1 switching to 4-1-2-1-2 ingame and this is what my team looks like. I have around 300-400k to improve. Ideally i would like Bale in the team but if the money is better spend on Vidal / Kante etc. i would like to hear your opinion.

Martial - Griezmann - Dembele
Tolisso - Bakayoko - Matuidi
Alaba - Boateng - Miranda - Florenzi

Thanks guys.


  • Masscherano
    607 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I'd personally get Vidal/Kante, but if you want Bale in this squad why don't you just sub him on as you're already changing formation in game?
  • SergiuLive
    3170 posts National Call-Up
    I'd get Nainggolan. In fact I already did. After trying the loan from the catalog I was very impressed. Then played a few without him and the difference is massive. It just completely changed my game since I have him, so much presence and strenght both defensively and offensively.
    Vidal I only tried as a sub a few weeks ago, was great also, but since I couldn't fit him into the team I decided to free some coins. And looking at your team you could fit both Nainggolan and Vidal there.
  • FrankFrank
    2602 posts Fans' Favourite
    Thanks for the feed back guys! @Masscherano I would like to keep all my subs if possible :)@SergiuLive im leaning towards nainggolan as well. Was thinking of buying Neuer + Nainggolan and then switch Miranda with Manolas. Team would look like this then;

    I play with Griezmann and Martial as strikers and Dembele as CAM. Griezmann and Martial has like 200 goals + 100 assist each in 200 games. Dembele is struggling compared to the others. So was thinking Bale could be a big diffrence.
  • Swagster123
    1732 posts Play-Off Hero
    just sub bale on or whatever star player as long as you have 100 chem in your starting lineup your good
  • Swagster123
    1732 posts Play-Off Hero
    i have a a full epl team i just sub bale on
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