Should I feel guilty?

Just played a WL match and the guy was way superior to me, beating me 4-1after 30mins.
The guy either dabbed or ran to the camera after evey goal, and paused it after the 4th to get me to quit.

I wanted to take a break as it was going to be my 3rd loss in a row, but i didn't want to quit and give this guy the satisfaction of a rage quit. So I put a rubber band round my sticks to stop the auto forefit, put my pad down, and sat watching the Chelsea vs Utd game on tv.

The guy scores a couple more and shushes and dabs after the goals, all while my player was continuously running into the advertising boards in the corner. Then he gets bored and puts his pad down during half time, letting the game auto kick off for him to start the second half. He obviously left the room and didn't rubber band his control, because after a while of standing still with the ball at his feet the game auto forefitred him, and so I didn't get the loss!

I can't help but feel the moral if the story is don't dab, run to the camera and pause the game for a rage quit, but I also feel like I should feel bad for what I did!

What does everyone think?


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