The official "PEN REF" thread

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Here is a thread made solely for the purpose of showing tackles that should have been penalties.

The original

Feel free to add your own


  • iakingomesa
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    PEN REF - NepentheZ
  • TheQuest
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    oh ❤️❤️❤️❤️ i have about 100. I am so sick of refs never giving any fouls. and when I do get a penalty, there's not a single card shown.
  • richo27
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    Have seen hundreds, literally. Ref programming is atrocious.
  • Thamightyboro
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    Ill dig out a clip of the opposite from last night.

    3-3 guy does a fair tackle on perisic in the box wipes him out but had won ball, ref gives 90th min pen and sent his koscienly off.
  • Adrian095
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    That Pen Ref from Nepo always makes me laugh.
  • Peter_655
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    I can be clean taken out in the box one minute, get nothing, they can go down field, and my defender goes within a years of their attacker and it gives a pen
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