Fut Champs matching system

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Just wondering, how do you get matched with other players in WL?

Is it based on your history in the WL?

If you got bronze last week you'll be paired with others who got bronze?

i found my second try at fut champs to be much easier, I was matched well against players of my level, even though some had crazy better teams.

this made it much more enjoyable but if it's based on what I said above, then I'm in for a rough ride next week

anyone know the exact details?


  • I played twice this WL between 3 games against the same guy
  • Gorda
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    I am guessing you mostly play People around your skill level, i am usually gold 3 played really bad this Friday, won My first 6 games in a row on saturdsy so they must have matched me with some bad players .
  • Choepiechakie
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    It's really bad. Ì always stop at 18 wins. so when I got close idgaf anymore and i rage quitted the last 6 games, but the funny part was that every single time I faced better teams, more icons, higher rating etc etc. Complete joke.
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