Gameplay - I just want consistency

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I struggle to not blame the game for my own shortcomings as a FIFA player so I'll keep this agnostic to any particular issue I struggle with.

It's apparent to me and I am sure everyone else that EA have three different sets of sliders in play. I have three different game speeds, styles, etc... when I play either "The Journey", Squad Battles or Weekend League.
  • The Journey - Feels the closest to initial launch right now... I'd give the gameplay speed a medium but this one still plays the smoothest. Defense here is the most difficult but not bad.
  • Squad Battles - The fastest game pay for me currently. Passes are crisp, the ball moves at a speed that is close to player speed and play feels good. This one feels the closest to what FIFA 17 ended with last year - even though 17 felt faster most likely caused by all the TOTS players being used.
  • Weekend League - This now feels like you are running in sand and the grass is a foot high. An A pass to a player close to you on the field loses almost all of it's speed before reaching you. The entire game feel like you are playing with gassed players in the 120th minute.

I don't really care to debate which one is best or worst ... all I would ask of EA at this point is to give us something CONSISTENT - it's hard enough to get good at this game playing as much as you can without having to completely switch your style based on which mode you are in. I went from a WL game to a Squad Battle game this afternoon and it felt like everyone was sprinting at three times speed after the slow play of WL. Fix errors, change sliders, etc... but for god sakes please do it to every mode at the same time so we stay consistent.


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