Defending issues

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They really need to sort out the manual defending in this game. If you’re gonna make it so my AI guys stand around, never sprint, rarely intercept (which I’m fine with) then you have to reward me when I make a play. If I make a good tackle, don’t have it bounce wildly off me back to either the same guy I tackled or some player through on goal. It’s especially annoying when the opposing striker makes a perfect glued to his foot tackle immediately after. If I make an interception or he passes it right to my player, don’t make them forget what sport they’re playing and have it bounce hard off of them. They react as if they forgot there was ever a ball on the pitch and they’re shocked it went right at them. It rewards spam passing and hoping it takes a bad deflection off someone who’s trying to defend patiently and make a good tackle/interception.


  • borojohno
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    i have the same problem, i can only assume its because im **** as i dont think ea would pick on me n give me all the bad luck on deflections and first touches n stuff lol
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