How do you stay consistent in FUT champs?

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So I usually get gold 2 every week. If anyone can confirm this, does FUT champs get harder the more wins you get? I say this because last week I got 7 wins from 10 games and I felt good. I was confident in my team and I felt as though I could get elite. I then end up playing 10 games and winning 2.

It has angered me because this week, I started off 13 wins from 16 games. I thought that I could easily secure gold 1 as that's 12 wins from 24 games (literally 1/2 wins) and then suddenly I play 6 games and only manage to win 2. Now I am going 15 wins from 24 games so I have only won 2 from 8. So now I have to get 10 wins from 16 games which is impossible.

I even just bought loan Hernandez but got battered. My players feel awful and so do I. If I start off good I always go on some terrible loss stream. My team is okay - Jesus, potm mane, IF Sterling, dembele, gaye, yaya toure...


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    I'd like to know this aswell - I usually go 8-2 the first day or something and im 12-7 now - Demotivates me to play more especially when i genuinely don't think its my fault - Feels like i have to do 100 precise passes to find an inch of space to play a pass when they can just randomly spam through balls until eventually a few rinse me because a defender im not even in control of is in CM randomly in no mans land - They then low driven shot dab rinse and repeat

    Then when i finally score you can guarantee a good 50% of the time even with offside trap they run the entire pitch and score............
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    its fifa .. the game is broken. so many stupid goals, just try your best and be happy with the result
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    The only time I played WL I got Gold 1 but they was the most stressful weekend in a long time.

    I decided not to continue with the WL after the horrible pack luck.
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    Most likely this is matchmaking. Once you start winning you get matched with better opponents. I also have this phenomenon and so do many others.

    The other less likely explanation is momentum/sliders.
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    I still havent start to play WL in this fifa.
    Playing squad battles and Trading to make a good team after totys.
    I play some season games and it was not fun at all
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