Not convinced with version 1.04 (down/upsides)

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The downsides
- the gameplay now relies more on pace abusing and dribbling than passing and building up

- impossible to defend against pace players like Ronaldo & Bale with Tottenham defenders and impossible to defend with 4-star teams with slow-med speed defenders agains pace abuse& super dribble(I thought it was okay in the very original store shelf version)

The upsides
+ I still think that passing was a bit too accurate in the previous version so I actully like the fact that passing is not that easy anymore. Ping pong passing is not realistic either I agree on that. But it’s not so black and white that the game should concentrate on pace and dribble in the expense of passing. Even with less accurate passing the game should make people build up more

+another positive aspect is the fact that the overall gamespeed/pace is not that fast, the overall speed is actually quite ok but the pace abuse between fast attackers dribbling vs slow defenders is the massive problem here


  • Boudyrayes
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    Im ok with quick dribblers if im using a team thats considered a rival. But spurs va madrid in fifa 18? Totally unfair speedwise and you shouldnt get madrid as an opponent in matchmaking.

    As for the passing its now really perfect along with game speed.

    The downside i see in this game is the uber long shots that never miss the target.
    Also the OP finesse shots from outside the box when the ball is with the right player shooting with the preferred foot. Totally OP never misses the top corner
  • shady_ltd_85
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    for me the big problem from this game

    whe are playing the demo shooting passing everything goining insane fast with pingpong passing and the shooting from everywhere goals people are complaning what i understand

    but after every couple weeks a new patch this game play from this patch nothing compared to the demo
    you buy the game from the demo not this stuff and i can understand things need to change a littel bit

    but the shooting
    the passing the speed everything have been nerferd and not a littel bit but 50% its just stupid
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