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How is 86 Overmars?

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Would like to get a cheap legend and build a squad around him. How is he? And I was thinking of making this team down below. What do you think? I already have Musonda so I thought I'd use him and eventually maybe I'll get Marcelo and Ramos to replace Rui and Albiol.



  • Wonderfulwest
    4987 posts Big Money Move
    I've not tried the 86 but I have the 90, and his lightening quick and has a hell of a finish on him. And the crosses he puts into the box are on my players head or foot every time. So glad I did the SBC, so I'd imagine the 86 is great just nurfed abit
  • TeamReaper
    123 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    He's okay. Not worth the price imo. Though I have just bought him for the second time.
  • Admg1
    246 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    The 86 is pretty good but the 88 and 90 versions are quite a bit better.
    I've used all 3 now and I would either save up a bit more and get the 88 if you want to resell at anytime or use your coins to do the 90 sbc if you're likely to keep him in your team.
  • LiveArsenal
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    Hmm..well if I sold all my OTW cards I would have almost 500k and I wanted to build a team with a legend since I've never owned one before so I guess I'll just have to wait and save some coins
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