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Probably i am sick or something because when i have a spare time, i grab my drink, i seat nicely in front of my monitor and "lets have some fun continuing my manager career!".
All it's fine, for a match or two, i'm fighting for every ball, happy for scoring, mad for receiveing....you know...normal player reactions. But in third or fourth match here comes the supergods! A poor team from third or fourth division start playing like Real Manchester PSG City! My players sudenly transforms in larva, The Stupid Show Team Gathering and i realize that i started to KNOW when the AI it's gonna score. It's obvious! I know when they gonna score, and i know when they gonna score again....
So, i'am ALT+Tab the game, kill the fifa 18 exe, i finish my drink and i'am asking myself why i am still wasting my time with this garbage when there are better things to do.
The breaks from the game are longer and longer and until december i will probably uninstall it.
This game use to be fun. I've played FIFA 07 for two years, FIFA 17 for two months. This, 18, it's not gonna last a month. Good job EA. Send my regards to your reeeetarded FIFA developer team and tell them i hope they get unemployeed for years or maybe get a virus or something, just to let someone who KNOWS football to work on this game. Not some indian cricket fans or canadian hockey fans to code a football game.


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    Feel your pain bud. It can do my head in when a team at the bottom of the league, who haven't won a game in god knows how long and can't score for toffee, as our mate Martin Tyler informs us pre-match, become absolute Gods in front of goal.

    I've changed how I play now, I don't play containing, defend as a unit, when I don't have the ball, I rush them, high pressure, double up where I can. If you try and close gaps, block passing lanes, cover space against the CPU they'll still pass or run past you. Balls to that, play ugly. If the balls loose in your box, smash it clear, you'll get away with passing it out on occasions, but every now and again, one of your players will not want to pass it anywhere near where you're aiming and you'll concede.

    45min goals 90min goals and everybody's favorite, the instant reply goals, will still happen, but just be ready for them. know when you're in "BS Time" and adapt to it.

    "I've just scored, gonna park the bus for their next attack."
  • You're right. It's definitely done by someone who don't know a thing about football.

    Seriously, this is sport is my life.
    Winning eleven and Pes (ps2) where a ton of fun.

    I see that i had to "push" myself to play fifa because everyone plays. But to be honest, the way players move dont look like a human being at all... anyway.

    Maybe my last post on this forum. Im sick of this virus game.

    Like you said "why im stilll wasting my time with this garbage".

  • it's because the games are ❤️❤️❤️❤️ scripted EA can't design a football game for ❤️❤️❤️❤️ anymore
  • Agreed. I was so excited for the 18 version. But what have they done? A slap in the face of costumers with this ridiculous fake scripted gameplay. Stop fooling people EA, for your own good.
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    I'm not having hopes from EA. They are plain stoopid. Big companies pay big money for testing or to have a proper feedback for their product, EA has that for free and they are shiiiting on it.
    Fifa team developers? Probably relocated workers from Sudan, India or Bangladesh who are more interested in cricket, majong or darts and they know about football watching on TV the Vietnam Liga or Muki-Puki Major Liga. And probablly their boss is canadian, knowing more about penguins than about football.
    But the real goose here are the people who are still buying this garbage. You bought this game and it sucks? Shut the F'up! and stop crying on this forum. YOU DESERVE IT. You pay the bonuses for EA team. Moron.
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    Every year every ❤️❤️❤️❤️ year this happens . I literally get more angry about fifa and this sloppy programming then any game I’ve played in my life.

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ea
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