Can't get rid of arrow in penalties

Hey guys

I have this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ problem, the shooting arrow appears in my penalties all of a sudden although I didn't select it to appear. My opponents get to see where I shoot the penalty of course and they blocked 4 out of 5. One I tricked changing in the last moment.

Do you know how I can get rid of it? I tried up-arrow on the D-pad it doesn't work, I switched off all the trainer in settings, still I get that bloody arrow.

If somebody else has this problem, let me know. Thanks!


  • lordCriper
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    Your opponent don't see the arrow. What the idiot devs at EA did however, is that your player is turning his head to where he's shooting, and quite obvious as well. That's why people are saving most pens...
  • Boudyrayes
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    Only you see the arrow
    But your opponent can see the head of your player turning right or left and your power bar to know if its a high or low shot

    Try to swing it right and left to distract him
  • I also have the same problem when i am playing with my brother on the same PS4 he can see my arrows.
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