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W.T.F do we have to do to not have button lag in this god forsaken game ? Button Lag Input Lag whatever you want to call it . There is no way it should exist in this 2018 game. Why is it there. it is the most frustrating thing about this game or ANY GAME for that matter. If you push the button and it doesn't do what you said to do then wtf am i playing for ? Fix the MUTHER **** button lag please ! Also give the players some common sense please just some common sense that's all i'm asking for at this point cause it's obvious you will not make them professional athletes . But common sense would tell you where the ball is when you make your tackle and then you wouldn't be dancing the dosido(you put your left foot in you take your left foot out lol ) instead of playing Fifa.


  • scrubosaurus
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    input delay gets worst from patch to patch...
    but it seems its something we like, look at pubg, one of the most played games of the moment, worst server that i can remember
  • Yarmolenko90
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    arrived with the latest patch wich turned the game into the horrible fifa 17 edition again..
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