The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.
Note: The SBCs issue has been resolved, details posted on this thread in a tweet from FIFA Direct Communication.

International Team Career Mode

I chose Mexico as my international team in career mode. There are no World cup qualifying games for CONCACaF in Fifa and Mexico only gets to play Friendlies and the world cup (or so i thought). Summer 2018 came around and to my surprise Mexico was not in the world cup. Only USA and Canada were in the 2018 world cup in Fifa 18. Is Mexico International team just a waste of time then? I will never be able to take them to the world cup and will be stuck with just friendly matches? Anyone had a different experience? Will there be anything else to look forward with Mexico or should I just go for a team that I can qualify to the world cup?
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