89 Ronaldinho or Crespo+Hagi+Petit?

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My end goal is to get the 91 Ronaldinho but seeing how I'm about 700k short (and I'd need a bit more to make a team around him) that'll probably take a while

How good is 89 Ronaldinho? Is he worth the price of 2 and a half icons? Or would you guys just get the 3 icons?
He costs 500k less than the other 3 combined, but I'd just spend that money on the rest of the team


  • miri
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    Personally I'd rather have three icons - I really hate teams stacked around one player in general and I think Ronaldinho's price is WAY over inflated for his stats.
  • Tubpac
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    Obviously three icons will be better than one. Ronaldinho is really overpriced because of the HYPE.
  • Zhyquron
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    3 Icons. Maybe it's just me but if I have 1 icon, in this case Ronaldinho, I would want him to have the ball most of the time, which makes your gameplay predictable.
  • ahm1388
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    Yeah I guess it is more logical to have 3 icons instead
    I just really want Ronaldinho though :D
    I guess I'l buy the 3 icons and invest until christmas for Ronaldinho
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