Hi i have been having the same problem with fifa since an update early in fifa 17 and it still persists in fifa 18

Since an update bought south african servers to fifa, myself or my friends couldn't find any games on co op seasons

But pro clubs was fine and that was our favourite game mode

But this year in fifa 18 you guys decided to regionalise pro clubs too

And we can't find a game on that either
So basically EA don't care about people living in South africa. We can only find games when we search with 2 people. It takes over 2 hours to find a game which is pathetic

I was promised by one of Your EA support members that in this update Pro clubs for south Africans will be fixed he said that in this update it will be fixed and i could find games. But its not. He promised me and said i could hold him to his word

When you respond don't tell me its my internet and i must troubleshoot because that doesn't help I've done everything.
You obviously don't care about small countries

Give me a way to play pro clubs with my friends

Im in a group with over 60 other south african fifa players who have the same problem, so it isnt my internet

When i search for drop in matches i only find south africans

Either find a way to put my acocunt on a different server teach me how to use a vpn to play on European servers. i simply can't play your game


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