Already done with Fifa 18... How's PES?

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In 17 I started playing online. Too much stress. 18 I was focussing on SB. Pre patch it was ok. After patch I lost interest. Trading and getting a good Team is still fun, playing with the Team is just a mess. I mean: who really enjoys playing SB? I mean not because of the rewards? Is it fun when AI constantly cheats because AI is just bad and stupid? I got Elite 1 easy without playing all matches. But it was not Fun at all. The level of inconsensity is just shoking.

Watches some PES gamplay Videos player vs. AI. Looks nice so far:
- refs seems to give freekicks equally
- own players gat get towards the ball
- players are not constantly running behind defenders, they are running in positions where you can pass the ball to them
- AI seems to play clever
- speed of players seems to be according to stats for both player and AI

Does anyone have some experience?
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