IF Handanovic 100k?

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Definitely more expensive than I expect, thought he would be similar to Buffon price. Does this mean he is really good? Can anyone advise/ confirm?


  • Footballmadness
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    i wouldnt say he's worth that much. i dont rate buffon... NIF Handanovic is good enough imo.
  • Nate
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    GK IFs are very hard to judge tbh, that being said, Handanovic has consistently been one of the best GKs in UT over the years being very tall with great all round stats and possessing the long throw trait (also has GK 1v1 which only Manuel Neuer shares but no one really knows what does that besides guessing it maybe increases 1v1 save chances)
  • BestFutPlayaEver
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    How is neuer?
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