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Hey guys, looking for a decent PS4 fifa 18 Co-op partner.

- PS4
- TimeZone: GMT+1 (Denmark)
- Playing Hours: Mainly after 18:00 (GMT+1) In work days

PLAY STYLE: A Mix of Tiki Taka (seeing as passing is overpowered this year) and agressive attack play with POSSESION.
-Individual freedom (if you're controlling a 4-5 star skiller (ronaldo, messi, bale etc) feel free to show your skills. Don't overdo it though. DON'T be an EGO.

-Fast passing.
- FAST reactions. Ready to recieve a pass anywhere.

Feel free to make input to make our play BETTER ;)

IMPORTANT: A little bit knowledge about how the defending system work. A good attack starts from the Defence.

Gamer-tag: mrjj007
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