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Hey EA, this thread is specifically made for problems and improvements that can be done on the PC platform. I would highly appreciate if you guys take a looks at these suggestions. I've been buying all the Next Gen PC ports of FiFA and will continue to support it if you guys keep making Next gen port and fix the issues.

I'll start with suggestions regarding FiFA Setup from the game launcher:

1. Add Triple Buffered Vsync :


Vsync is actually forced on when you lock FPS to 30 or 60 in FiFA setup. But locking FPS to 60 still renders cutscenes and menus at locked 30 FPS. Or if your Refresh rate is anything other than 60Hz, for example 74Hz: then it locks gameplay to 74 FPS and locks cutscenes to 37 Hz.

So, the only way to have 60 FPS menus and cutscenes is to set FPS to No Limit and then Forcing Vsync on Via Nvidia Driver.

But the problem is, it doesn't work with AMD GPUs. And for Nvidia GPUs, you gotta use Dx11. Vsync doesn't work properly with Dx12. The only way to get Vsync working on Dx12 is by locking FPS to 60 from FiFA setup, forcing Adaptive Vsync on. Weird huh? Then again, menus get bugged and renders at 40-45 FPS, depending on GPU.

So its not optimal. If we have Vsync[Triple Buffered] and FPS lock as seperate option within FiFA setup itself, then all of these issues will be gone.

However, make sure its NOT Double Buffered Vsync. We should have Tripple Buffered Vsync and Adaptive Vsync.

2. Add seperate FPS lock for Cutscenes and gameplay:

As mentioned in previous point, FPS lock to 60 actually doesn't lock the game to 60 FPS. It locks to whatever refresh rate the game is using. But it also locks Frame Rate of cutscenes to half of its refresh rate. This maybe optimal for low end PCs but High end PCs will not be able to take advantage of the full performance.

PES 18 has seperate FPS lock for Cutscenes and Gameplay. So my suggestion is to add FPs lock option for cutscenes and gameplay separately.

3. Fix the Detail Level being automatically overwritten:

There is already an "Auto" option that selects the best settings for the PC. But seems like, if you set the detail level to Ultra on a Low end GPU, the game automatically forces the settings to something lower. But this should not happen. We have that "Auto" option in the first place for that very reason.

If an user wishes to select higher Graphics detail with the cost of performance, then let him/her select that higher settings. No need to force them to a specific graphic settings.

4. Window Mode FPS lock bug: Fixed!

When you switch to Window mode, the FPS during cutscenes locks to half of its refresh rate, even if you set FPS lock to No Limit in settings.

This is very annoying and some users can't switch to Full screen mode for some unknown reasons. So they will suffer from Low FPS in cutscenes. And who knows, in the future, with modern hardware and OS, we might face issues in fullscreen mode [Happens with FiFA 2002, 2002 World Cup on Windows 10 with modern GPU] which means we have to play it on window mode. So fix this issue.

It will be great if we can have Borderless Window as an option in fifasetup itself. Do not replace Fullscreen with borderless window! Just add it as an option.

Vsync and FPS lock should properly work on Window mode too. The game suffers from microstutters on Window mode because windows manages to override the settings.

Bug fixed in Title Update 4. Good Job EA.


5. DirectX 12 No Limit FPS Bug: Fixed!

So I've found another big issue. Setting FPS to no limit doesn't unlock the FPS during cutscenes in Dx12! The only way to get unlocked FPS is setting FPS to 60 and force Adaptive Vsync as mentioned before.

So that's another reason why we should have separate FPS lock for Cutscenes and Gameplay.

Performance in Dx12 is a lot worse than Dx11 too. So I hope Dx11 support stays until next gen consoles come. Once next gen consoles are out in the market, we should not have current gen port. So that will be the time to drop support for Dx11. Until then, keep Dx11.

Performance drop of Dx12 is noticeable mostly on Snow/Flurries weather where FPS drops to as low as 40 FPS whereas in Dx11 it gives a locked 60 FPS in cutscenes.

Bug fixed in latest update. Well done EA.


Okay, that ends the problems related to FiFA setup itself. Now I will suggest some improvements that's been possible using Mods since FiFA 2005! but never added natively within the game. Since modding isn't possible [Yet] with Frostbite engine, it's high time you guys add my next suggestion in the game natively. Its still possible to have it using Cheat Engine, but we cant play online with cheat engine, and its a cubersome process to begin with.

6. Add Option to Change Player LOD [Level of Detail] during both gameplay and cutscenes:

LOD, not to be mistaken as the already Level of Detail in the FiFA Setup.

When this Player LOD is set to max [Set to 100 or 1000 instead of default 1.5], then the players have full detail even during gameplay camera. This means, the cloth physics and cloth simulation works fully on gameplay camera, the shoes and boots are full detailed as cutscenes and player faces are not low poly models anymore.

Having Max LOD during gameplay really makes the game look beautiful, especially during motion since you can easily notice the beautiful cloth physics.

Here's an example of how great it looked in FiFA 16 with Max LOD mod:


^ I've suggested it before, but it had gone unnoticed. Anyway, I hope EA Devs sees this. This is very important. I've been suggesting it for a very long time. Please atleast listen for once. Even PES 18 has Maxed LODs during gameplay camera.

If there's Player LOD option in the game itself, then we don't have to use cheat engine, and can play online with the max LODs. And Cheat engine has many issues, sometimes it doesn't work and LODs don't change.

I'll update it with a screenshot from FiFA 18 itself with max LOD using cheat engine when I get the time.

HEck, even PS4 and Xbox One is strong enough to handle Max LODs during gameplay camera, especially Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X.

I hope you guys see this. Please fix this issues and please release FiFA 18 World Cup on PC this time, with the improvements I've suggested.

-Thanks in advance. No thanks if you don't fix it though :wink:

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  • Placebo_PRS
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    Seconded! Really good suggestions, it's ridiculous how few options there are to configure the game on PC.
  • Sounds good to me
  • bloominheseltine
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    Thanks Sami
  • Silky_Seward
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    This is a great piece of work Sami.

    Maybe they should employ you to fix this or at least be an adviser/tester to the dev's.
  • Sami1999
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    Thanks for the reply guys. I wish I could contact them directly about these issues. Also, there's the catalogue issue like every year.
  • Sami1999
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    Looks like there is another issue with DirectX 12 with FiFA 18. I've updated the first post, see point number 5 for the issue.

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    This is how the game would look with LODs maxed during gameplay:


    Right click on the image and select Open image in new tab to see the screenshot in full resolution and to see the difference.

    See how the cloth physics is working? The wrinkles are different on every player. The faces are full poly models, shoes are fully detailed.


    ^ Here, a cropped screenshot. It's not taken in closeup, its taken from gameplay camera, just cropped for the convenience of users.
  • All great suggestions, wish there was a way to even further push it so it gets the much needed attention it deserves
  • Sami1999
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    Ffspyda wrote: »
    All great suggestions, wish there was a way to even further push it so it gets the much needed attention it deserves

    Yeah, I think Devs won't care about this thread. Not enough attention, too bad.
  • Sami1999
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    Bumping this thread again.

    Please EA, fix these basic issues atleast. Are you even watching @EA_Andy and other devs?
  • Sami1999
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    EA? Respond please?

    Edit: Atleast they are fixing few issues now. But lod still looks ugly.
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    Some good news:

    1. The new update fixed the FPS cap issue with DirectX 12 where setting FPS to no limit still dropped FPS to half of refresh rate during cutscenes.

    Now the game runs at 60 FPS in menus and cutscenes with no limit+ Driver Vsync with DirectX 12.

    2. Same goes for window mode. Now FPS wont drop to 30 in cutscenes if you play on Window mode with no limit on FPS.

    Bad news:

    1. There was a working mod that fixed the LOD in Title Update 3. This update broke that mod and its not workig anymore.

    2. No option to force Vsync via FiFA setup. So AMD graphics cards will still suffer.

    3. Dx12 performance is not as good as Dx11 with GTX 9xx series cards. Snow weather drops FPS to 40 without any reason [GPU utilization doesn't even max out]. Good thing Dx11 is still working perfectly.
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    Is there any way to have unlimited FPS without the stutter on PC?

    I've got like 400-500 fps but that microstutter is still there when you don't use vsync.
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