is there a way to see how many matches i have played in squad battles this week?

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i feel like i might have missed a few somehow but cannot be sure as i can only see how many matches the top 100 have played (and im clearly not in that...)
is there a way to see my own matches played? and if not... can this please be added in somehow?


  • deang07
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    No , which is ❤️❤️❤️❤️ stupid that they dont show it
  • Springveldt
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    No but there really should be. You should be able to check all your results and points gained for the current week.
  • JGCramp
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    That seems like a logical bit of information they should add to SB.
  • Sinthoras187
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    edited October 2017
    thats unfortunate : ( i really feel like this info should be available to all players... also an official schedule of when we get refreshes... i ended in elite 1 almost every day this week and now i can only end at about 8-10k points short of it .. so i think i missed at least 4 matches (maybe due to daylight savings time ending) i was a bit late to get started today and didnt have time last night (or rather early this morning) to do all my matches .. would really like to know for sure though :(

    please EA add this option...

    its rather clear that the top 100 did all their matches at the end of the week... but to know how well we mere mortals did in comparison, it would be nice to know if we at least didnt miss any matches : )

    a record/history of our matches like springveldt suggested would be a much appreciated addition as well...
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