Quitting games I’m winning in I’m done

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Finally done I’m winning in fut champs and still quitting because of horrendous gameplay I’m just like wtf am i playing?? Enjoy fifa if you can guys I’m done


  • mojav
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    All players sold and coins gone on packs to see if I got Ronaldinho lol got nothing 0 players and 0 coins guess Best way to force myself never to touch this game mode again lol.

    Hope people enjoyed the 20k profit on players I sold haha
  • Stickybelly
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    Yep it’s trash guys I agree. Gameplay was horrendous for me yesterday after been perfect Friday. Something fishy going on here. I’m quitting the WL too, utterly pointless.
  • My record in WL is fantastic and I agree, I can count on 1 hand the number of those matches I've actually enjoyed playing and felt like I was just playing against a like minded individual like myself and not some raging autist who copied Nick28T's squad and screeching.
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