Button Logic

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I think this is just since the last patch but buttons are registering actions on "button_pressed" AND "button_released" I'm pretty sure it's doing this in game also, but it's harder to test in game since your playing a game. But you can easily repeat this bug in the menus by pressing the lb and rb buttons . press and hold down you get an action then release the button and you get the action again. If this is happening in game then that would explain why switching defenders is so broken and why it feels like the game is changing my players.

My other question is did you test this game with a controller ? xbox or playstation ? Because it doesn't feel like it. didn't feel like you tested it with a controller on fifa 17 either. I feel like button lag is something that should not be happening in a video game in 2017. I mean 3 years ago we had games in the cloud that you could play that weren't even on your computer that didn't have button lag so what is really going on EA ?


  • scrubosaurus
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    they dont care about quality anymore.
    for example PUBG, they have a hyge sucess game, but theyr servers are the worst in game history, still we all buy theyr game and everyone saying that its the best game ever...
    it is a good game, like fifa is, but companies should spend a bit of the profit to improve theyr servers and spread them across the world, not only couple of key locations.
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