Diego Costa vs Morata

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Currently using Costa and he is alright.
Is NIF Morata any better? Anyone who used both?


  • Santiago
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    433 4 btw
  • Disgruntledmole
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    I've got both untradable. I loved Morata in 433(4) and whenever I used 2 up top, I think he has 159 goals in 125 games or something. Costa was great with 2 upfront as well, but I preferred Morata. Costa really shone in 4231(2) where the ST needs a bit more strength to hold up the play, he was great and I often used him over Lukaku.

    From my experience Costa for an isolated single ST role, Morata for pretty much everything else
  • hrv97
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    Morata easily
  • Santiago
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    Bought Morata..I'll see how he does
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