Is this a cheat?

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Played another fut champs game tonight against my better judgement. I made a sub and it was showing the cutscenes, the game flicked to the pitch and I could see my opponent had kicked off. Then back to the cutscene and next time it flicks to the pitch the ball is in the back of my goal?


  • HysxteriA
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    Had a similar issue earlier but with lag. My celebration scene was lagging like ****, I mean the game was pretty laggy anyway but by the time it came to back to the match my opponent was already running with the ball. B
  • Nana_bitty
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    How can a game be released like this? Dedicated servers haha
  • pudgyfudgy
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    Yup it’s a lag issue. Experienced it too. Screen was showing random cutscenes but the match was actually going on. Could hear the commentary and the ball kicking sounds.
  • CR7_Chem
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    This is a joke @EA_Andy you probably get feed up with being tagged. But you're the face of Ea here and Ea as a company are really ripping us all off this year.
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