Improve your experience with career mode

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The career mode became more and more stupid from year to year so i find for myself a way to remove some of the frustrating issues (PC version):
-I can see all the atributes, values and wages of all players in the game without that stupid scouting "feature"
-I am able to add in transfer budget at the start of every season all the money that i win in competitions last season (usualy taken by the board) - i can add billions but i want just my money back.
- My youth scouts have minimum 15 young players in their raport, no matter how many stars they have
- Every young player from academy can be promoted to the main team, no matter how old he is.
- increased activity in transfer season
- Efficient training with noticeable results.
- a little bit of tweaking in gameplay, adding a little more spin to the ball, more friction with the ground, more agility to the players and so on...

For my taste it's a big plus in my career mode experience and if someone it's interested i will post a short tutorial tomorow. Every tweak from above can be added or not, it's not important if you have a career already ongoing or a new one and it's not interfering with game files if you want to play online.


  • gocdmb
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    How do you manage to get the money back that you deserve as opposed to the board taking it?
  • LuvoT
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    Does anyone know how to change the team and have it remain the same when you simulate the game in Career mode. I keep changing my team sheets, and they change and work properly if i play the match, however if i simulate the match, it just automatically changes to the default team sheet
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