Suggestions regarding Ball Size and Instant Replay/ Camera Angles

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1) Since FiFA 17, the ball size became way too small than it should. I thin kit was perfect in FiFA 16. Its just a simple ball size that could make the game look better.

2) The gameplay customization should be fixed. The height slider doesn't do much, especially in Dynamic camera. Also, the zoom slider should be more effective as well. We should be able to zoom in and zoom out much more than the current one. Having a way to change the height and zoom like the picture below would be great:


3) The Orbit camera became very limited too. Back in FiFA 17 and older FiFA games , the Orbit camera zoomed in better. You also had two FOV to zoom in by either using Left/Right for zooming in one FOV or Up/Down for zooming in another FOV. It looked neat.

Now in FiFA 18, theres only one FOV. Whats worse is, you can't zoom in properly to a player. It has too much space on up. So you can't zoom in without cropping players legs. Let me show you and example of how much better Zoom was in FiFA 15, 17 compared to FiFA 18:

FiFA 15:


FiFA 17:


And now in FiFA 18:


There's too much wasted space on Top of the player. The players should be in the centre of the screen, not pushed down on the frame, at least not that much.

I know these things aren't that important. Especially the orbit camera, but fixing them could be helpful.

The ball size should be increased though.


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    Bigger balls, bigger keeper gloves :p
  • rsclaret
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    Star by saying Im really enjoying the game. Yes the ball has been slightly too small since FIFA 17 for some reason. Also since FIFA 17 the ball has been brightened and washed out in gameplay cam.
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