The issue impacting players who are attempting to access FUT via the apps and console should now be resolved.

Anyone having server connection issues currently?

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Can#t connect to servers atm, which means no FUT, anyone else having issues, or is it something on my end that I need to figure out?

Just downloaded the update, never once had an issue beforehand.


  • scrubosaurus
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    patch incoming
  • VagisilFC
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    Mine just disconnected at the end of a game of FIFA pinnies . My 5-0 just turned into 0-3, no points and no coins.

    Not happy, but this is a first for me where as I have been hearing about it from everyone else from day dot. So I guess i'm lucky???
  • ch1ll
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    patch incoming

    yeah sure they roll out a patch saturday evening @ primetime in the middle of Weekend League *facepalm*
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