Latest Patch increased Input lag, Fix it.

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The dribbling feels a bit unresponsive compared to previous updates. The game was very responsive and better than FiFA 17. Please don't make it unresponsive as FiFA 17.

I hope you people see this and fix the input delay.


  • sty
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    i agree, input lag is back, game is destroyed.... how can they release so bad patches
  • squalles
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    that´s very good... players don´t make passes, dribles and shoots in instant like a robot
  • Old_Chap69
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    Agreed. The game was so solid at release, there were just a few problems that could have stood to be slightly tweaked. But the gameplay is just going downhill with every patch now and it's sad.
  • Sami1999
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    squalles wrote: »
    that´s very good... players don´t make passes, dribles and shoots in instant like a robot

    That was FiFA 15 where players were super fast like Robots.

    It was not the case in FiFA 18. But adding further la makes it horrible. There is a difference between real life and game. Having too much delay makes the game feel disconnected.
  • The game was good on release. It still needed some tweaks here and there like goalkeeping, but other than that it was enjoyable. Now post-patch, the RNG aspect is back as well as the unresponsiveness. Gotta love tackling my opponent 3 times just for him to retain the ball each time. EA rewarding bad players as usual. Also enjoy pressing pass/shoot just for my player to shuffle his feet for an entire second and lose possession. Wonderful game.
  • Sami1999
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    I did some tweaks to reduce the input lag on PC. Didn't do much, but it atleast reduced the Vsync related Input lag:

    Settings in FiFA setup:

    Set Frame Rate to No Limit

    Settings in Nvidia Control panel:

    Select FiFA 18 in custom 3D Profile.

    set Max Pre rendered frames to 1
    Force Vsync On
    Force Triple Buffer On

    Settings in Riva Tuner Statistics Server:

    Set exactly as shown below else game will crash if you alt-tab or switch to window mode:


    Set The FPS to whatever refresh rate your monitor use when playing FiFA 18. Mine use 60Hz instead of 75Hz when playing FiFA 18. So I locked it to 60 FPS.

    That way you will reduce the input lag a bit. Note that if you already had Vsync off, than this trick wont do much.

    So, the game is still more fluid compared to FiFA 17 even after the patch. I hope it stays that way. Because I tried FiFA 17 and my God! the unresponsive controls and left stick dribbling was horrible. I couldn't play it. Even FiFA 15 felt better than 17 because the game was simply too laggy.

    The best way to mitigate this problem is by adding a dribbling and input response slider. That way people prefering laggy and unresponsive controls can enjoy while people prefering responsive controls can enjoy too.
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