Squad Battles Point Rewards

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SB is a great addition to the game IMO, finally a rewarding FUT mode for players who don't have the chance to play online however I think the points system needs a revamp, surely the opposition rating and chemistry should be a huge factor in the point rewards rather than just the difficulty level? That way they wouldn't have to apply stat boosts to weaker players and frustrate the hell out of people when Florian Thauvin outmuscles Rio Ferdinand!!

For example, beating a 64 rated 100 chemistry team on legendary would be about the equivalent points wise as beating a 84 rated 85 chemistry team on pro, that way you don't have to encounter Nile Ranger performing like Pele! The higher reward categories should only be achievable if you can beat top level sides on a high difficulty level, as things stand players completely lose their individuality (Chemistry Styles also should be removed IMO).

The teams you face in each opponent update should all be similar in ability (with minor variances - 81, 82, 82, 80 rather than 72, 85, 78, 86) and should change on each update to reflect your performances over the previous 4 games. If you smashed 4 81 rated teams then next update you'll face stronger sides, if you struggled against them then your next 4 will be weaker.

It has the potential to be a great game mode IMO but needs some adjustments, mainly they need to find a way to remove their need for stat boosting poor players so they become phenomenal, it's annoying!
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