The need for a variety of striker.

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So on the forum I've seen quite a few posts criticising certain tactics within the game, particularly park the bus.

In my opinion I see no problem with this and gives the game a feel of real life situations where teams will park the bus. It is then upto you the 'player/manager to come up with a suitable tactic to overcome this.

For me I have invested in a different variety of striker than I normally would have, in Ibra, Giroud would also be a great option. When I come against a team dropping really deep, fast players become less effective, this is where a different variety in player like ibra comes in, switch the play until you get a crossing opportunity and because the defence will be so deep it'll be perfect for ibra to have an effort on goal or even look for knock downs.

Each tactic used on FIFA has a disadvantage, it's just about identifying it!! what are your thoughts? Do you use a variety of strikers for different on game situations?


  • Henkjmol
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    Not a bad post.... i like your thinking!
  • sheffutd87
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    I like using a big striker and a fast player behind him in 4231. Sometimes switching them round in game depending on what my opponent is doing. Shielding with a big unit and laying off a silky CAM works well.
  • Callycally
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    Yes I use a fast, more agile striker next to Ibra, just to make my attacking style more unpredictable
  • iRusty_yo
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    Yep, IF Locadia destroys PTB’s

    NIF Jesus otherwise
  • Callycally
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    I've not tried Locadia. I really would like to give the new Giroud card a go though.

    Tactically FIFA is just like real life, the other team will try to find a weakness and exploit it if you can't defend against ping pong passing or can't break down PTB, you will be at a disadvantage which the opponent might/should take advantage of
  • DeOuweDibbes
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    I use two small agile strikers and a stronger CAM. He gets in the box.
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