Is fifa 18 gone already?



  • Malg
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    Ye finished, I give it about 2 hours a week, it so boring, the game play is shocking. But at some point it had to end,just sad they took loads of money off people before calling it a day.
  • Nimmer
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    Fifa 14: 3000+ games
    Fifa 15: 3000+ games
    Fifa 16: 900 games (I couldn't accept AI defending)
    Fifa 17: 1,900 games (I accepted AI defending and got caught up with WL)
    Fifa 18: 300 games so far. With AI defense being so strong again I'll probably play til christmas then move on.
  • lad33
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    Gromit wrote: »
    A lot of people talk about the gameplay but the gameplay has always been flawed. I think no matter what, people adapt or put up with the gameplay.

    The real killer of 17 and 18 is just how generic the game is with the EPL every game now.

    I'd like to see a number of changes.

    1. Remove all this PTB bull5hit, stop making the game anti football. The Defensive / Balanced / Attacking style slider was suffice, we didn't need this Ultra Defence or Ultra Attack slider.

    2. Remove custom tactics or at least tone them down. Again we don't need this 30 pressure so your defence sits unrealistically deep same with the attacking options. Yes its good to have control. But sadly we all know control in FUT just leads to abuse.

    3.Remove the "driven" pass ****. What was wrong with long press equals long pass, short press equals short pass. Did we really need this extra option 90mph pass to your team mate who instantly controls it.

    4.Bring bronze and silvers back. 2 thirds of the game lost so EA can focus on pack sales.

    5.Change the reward system so that coin awards are the same for bronze, silver and golds or at least give people a reason to use bronze and silver again.

    6.Remove chem styles. Seemed like a good idea but they've just made players lose their individuality. Stats should be an accurate representation of their real life counterpart. We shouldn't be making slow players fast or average strikers godly.

    7.Reduce the effectiveness of pace, the biggest flaw of FUT every year. It somehow needs addressing.

    8. Tone down the frequency of special cards, there's way too many now.

    9. Have daily cup tournaments like the daily knockouts with good requirements like using players from some of the lesser leagues.

    10. Get rid of WL, this 40 game over 3 days is madness. Why can't it just be points based over how many wins you get over a 7 day period or monthly period etc. Why force people to give up their weekends when a lot of people play during the week.

    I'll stop there, but there's undoubtedly more. The game mode was brilliant, the best around. But its lost all direction now. Gold only EPL only ultra competitive only. Bring back the diversity, bring back the fun.

    Gotta agree with this.
  • what has happened to fifa 18 i loved it now its park the bus ai defending again i cant play this boring crap now. please fix this ea.
  • Robmu22
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    Jedi-Russ wrote: »
    what has happened to fifa 18 i loved it now its park the bus ai defending again i cant play this boring **** now. please fix this ea.

    Not going to happen when dipsticks spend real money on Fifa 17.1
  • The worst yet ea have done us all really horrible game. Never again
  • Guillotine_Mack
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    Do EA ever read these forums?
    Your fans want their game back.
    Not a Fifa 17 upgrade.
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