The State of FIFA

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Fifa 18 started as a great game, I really enjoyed. A few things needed to be fixed such as keepers and defenders turning like tanks. Now with this latest patch, this game is in shambles. Nothing seems to be as it was in the beginning of the game. I was having a whole lot of fun with 18 was first released and now its like why am I playing this. There was a massive skill game in the beginning of the game and it was great. Good players were good and bad players were bad. Now at this stage in Fifa, the most "aidsy" stuff seems to happen. There will be a ball in the air and you could switch to every player on the pitch but the one closest to the ball and your opponent will get the ball and score. Or your opponent plays a through ball and your defender auto tackles and completely missing the ball allowing your opponent to score easily. Or how I lost 3 games in a row in the 92nd only needing one point to be promoted in division 4. None of this stuff happened when the game came out, but after EA love to tamper with their games when little to nothing needed to be fixed. It is why I have avoided playing weekend league and divisions since the last patch. I was wondering if any of this stuff happens to anyone else and/or do you guys feel the same way about the game? At least I only have a week till COD comes out so I can take a month or two break from this broken game.
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